Kinderhaven in Sandpoint, Idaho
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Kinderhaven daycare center



We hope you’ll join us in caring for a group of children who can be easily forgotten: children who’ve had so much pain and so little love in their lives.

Please know without a doubt, without a single doubt, that your contribution will help give these children back their right to thrive, planting the seeds that will help them grow into healthy, responsible, and loving adults.

Being a child shouldn’t have to hurt.

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Our Mission:

Kinderhaven is a community organization dedicated to supporting children in crisis and giving them back their right to thrive by providing a safe, secure home in which their emotional, physical and mental well-being are protected and enriched.

Kinderhaven is...

  • a group foster home and emergency shelter for children who have been removed from their home for their own protection.
  • here for children who come at a moment’s or night.
  • the only facility of its kind in North Idaho.
  • a non-profit organization, directed by a volunteer Board of Directors.
  • making a big difference in ways big and small, in the lives of children whose bodies and hearts have been terribly hurt.
  • hope for so many children.

    Over 1300 children have passed
    through the door of Kinderhaven
    since first opening in 1996.

It takes between approximately $28,000 each month to keep Kinderhaven open because we are staffed 24 hours a day, all year long.

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